An Exciting Day at Work


As a mechanical engineer, I design machine systems and keep them running. The company I work for specializes in machine efficiency for various corporations, so a huge portion of my job involves submitting proposals to clients. They want to improve production and consume less energy; I give them an idea of what I can do for them, how much it will cost, and project how much they can save in the long-term. If our proposal wins, we then are tasked with designing and implementing their system.

Yesterday I got word that the biggest proposal I’ve ever made was accepted! I’ve had proposals accepted before, of course, but this one is especially sweet. The head of our department wasn’t even sure we should put in a proposal because this particular company has never chosen us before. He felt that they had a personal issue with us that we were unaware of. But I said that I would do the work and see if I couldn’t change our luck. To me, it would have looked odd if we didn’t submit something. I mean, this is right in our wheelhouse.  It would come off look like we were the ones with the problem, and I was afraid that would hurt us in the long run. Besides, they can’t pick a proposal you don’t write, you know?  I spent longer than usual to write it up. I knew it was good and that we would definitely be contenders, but I did not know for certain that we would get the job.

I get to help a manufacturing company with all aspects of their new production building and warehouse. We are going to use sustainable or recycled materials for as much of the mechanical systems as we possibly can, and create what we can’t as responsibly as possible. The rest of the details are proprietary and confidential, so you won’t hear any more about it from me! Just know that if I can pull this off, it is going to be totally awesome.

I am so excited to move on in the process. Now I get to get down into the logistics of everything I proposed and design the plans. Then a team of people will build them and get them in place. I keep in touch with the team and the company, making sure that everything remains on-plan, stays on schedule, and in accordance with the budget we’ve agreed on. Also that the client is happy with the work that is going on. It’s going to be very exciting.

Wish me luck, readers! This is a big one!