Water Conservation Ideas

I know I often talk about energy conservation and other alternative energy sources, but I’m also very big on conserving water. It seems like such a small concern, right? Most of the earth is water! That is correct, but unfortunately, much of it is not useable. Either it is polluted or salt water, neither of which is something we can use to clean ourselves, cook with, or drink. Not everyone has access to clean water, never mind actual plumbing. Those of us with ready access to water have a moral obligation to keep it clean and prevent water waste.

For those of us with lawns to take care of, they can be huge water consumers. Installing a rain barrel at the end of a gutter to catch the rain and then reusing it to water your lawn or flowers is a great way to avoid turning on the tap. Winterizing your outdoor faucets will help prevent burst pipes in freezing weather, which will prevent leaks and additional water waste. If you have automatic sprinklers, you can install a rain gauge. This will ensure that your sprinklers won’t turn on when your grass is already wet from the rain.

A simple way to reduce water waste is to run water less often, which depends on the person. That may mean shorter showers or taking them less frequently. It could also mean eliminating baths altogether—they require much more water than the average shower. It might also be turning off the water while you are brushing your teeth or shaving. Some people also flush their toilet less. You can also wait until you have a full load to run the dishwasher or your washing machine.

More involved methods would include checking all of your pipes and repairing any leaks. Another great idea is to install products that will help conserve water automatically. You can install a low flush toilet from Rate My Toilet that can help reduce your water use by a couple of gallons every time you flush. That can really add up! Insulating pipes will allow you to get hot water faster, which means you won’t have to run as much water before it gets warm. You can also install a tankless water heater, which will save you money on your heating and water bills. Low flow showerheads will also decrease the amount of water you use and are pretty easy to install. If the faucets in your house don’t already have aerators, they are also simple to install. They add air to the water, which decreases splashing while increasing your water pressure.

These are just a couple of ideas, ranging from the simple adjustment in routine to some serious home improvements. Hopefully, you will take one (or more) of these ideas to heart, and maybe it will inspire you to cut back on your water use in other ways.