New Gym

I recently switched gyms. I liked the one I had, but my company was able to get us free memberships as part of their “healthy employees” campaign at a different gym that was closer to work. They made it very enticing to switch, so I gave it a try.

When I went in, the first thing I noticed was that it didn’t look like a gym-rat kind of place. The members were all shapes and sizes and seemed to be at a range of fitness abilities. That was a definite plus in my book. I’m lean but not heavily muscled, and those huge guys who are always lifting the gigantic free weights can really intimidate me. The woman at the reception desk was really warm and friendly, too. She gave me a tour of the gym—plenty of equipment, decent class schedule, super clean locker room. It checked all my boxes as for a good gym, so I was happy. We filled out some paperwork, and she marked my name off an employee list my company had given them.

She caught me by surprise after that because she asked when I’d like to book my free session with a personal trainer. It seems that it is the policy here at this gym. You get one session with a trainer, who assesses your fitness needs and then shows you some exercises to improve any areas you have concerns about. But they also go around with you and show you how to work every machine so that you’re not intimidated by all the fancy bells and whistles that can be on some modern day equipment. That sounded absolutely perfect to me!

I chose a time slot the next day and came back. That’s when I met Trainer Dave, which apparently is how he likes to be addressed. Anyway, Trainer Dave started by asking me all my current routines and what my goals were. We took all my measurements, and he put everything into a computer. Then he started to familiarize me with all of the equipment. I had mentioned that I wanted something easier on my knees than running for my “off days” and so we spent a lot of time going over one machine in particular – an elliptical machine. He showed me the proper technique to use it as well as how to modify the difficulty levels and what all the different modes were. I got on the machine for a bit so I could try it out, and it definitely felt like a great substitute for the days that I am not running.

We ended the session after a quick tour of the therapy spa (it was one hot tub) and the smoothie bar. He asked if I wanted to do any more sessions but I thought I had everything down pretty well so I declined. I left super excited about being able to work out there, especially for free! I had gone in after work, so I made sure to tell everyone about how great I was treated the next day at the office. The owner was especially pleased to hear that I am a “healthy employee!”