Battery Hogging Alternatives

What is more important than being green these days? If it is not a personal responsibility, it is an ethical duty for every citizen. You do what you can and it isn’t hard to play a part in the ecological movement. It is impinging upon us all to find a way to contribute to saving resources on the planet, lowering energy consumption, recycling

And more. It can be something as mundane as recharging batteries. Use your mind. You can think of a myriad of ways that each and every day you can protect the environment. As for me, I try to make machines work more efficiently. And there are a lot of them running our manufacturing sector. But I know there is more to do. Consult any website and you will see. That’s where I got the idea of using a rechargeable flashlight and searched online. I found this web site – So many appliances and tools hog batteries and it adds up to a landfill pile of waste.

I think you have to have a certain philosophy and mindset about these things and I am here to prod you into a newfound belief. Don’t think that you don’t matter. Each and every one of us does. We add up to the millions that constitute greater humanity. Don’t shirk your duties or be ashamed. The planet does not have infinite life. You must care about the world around you if you are part of the human race. Can’t you at least recharge your batteries and use them for the myriad things they power? Think of all the battery-operated things like electric razors, toothbrushes, computers and tablets, cell phones, camping gear like outdoor lights, cordless power tools, and so much more. Who doesn’t use at least one or more of these things daily? They drain batteries like a monster sucking in mechanical blood. You go out and buy them in bulk and then they die and end up in the trash. Rechargeable isn’t just for the flashlight I mentioned. Some people have vacuum cleaners that use batteries, bicycle lights, cameras, and on and on. If you only used rechargeable batteries, think of the energy you would be saving. Sure the battery manufacturers will balk, but we aren’t to be concerned about them. If the battery can’t be recharged or recycled, we don’t want it.

I have trouble convincing lazy people to take the time to recharge. And you don’t even have to wait until the battery is completely dead. It can have a half-life left in it. If you set up your recharger in the kitchen or laundry room, it will be readily available and the job can be done quickly. No fuss, no muss. No excuses now that you know. This is a simple enough request. Let’s all join forces and support the green movement. Let’s all belief in sustainability and economy of resources. Let’s rejoice that it isn’t too late to save the planet from the havoc wreaked by mankind. That’s us! We owe it to the world to reverse our actions and to take others that are restorative. It is all about renewal.