Busting Myths About Vaseline

Vaseline used to be a staple of every mother’s arsenal to use for a variety of purposes. No doubt it still can be found in every medicine cabinet in the country. It is said to promote healing of cuts and small wounds. It provides a barrier against dirt and toxins given its thick greasy texture. The manufacturers claim that, in essence, it is a miracle cure. You can use it as a face moisturizers, a lip balm, a hand lotion, a burn soother and more. It is a wonder product. It sells like hotcakes around the world. Now I am told that it helps grow Eyelashes to Die For. This isn’t true, but it is no doubt part of its description given the popularity of eye makeup such as mascara. If you want to go natural, you need to grow your lashes out. Vaseline is no substitute for the prescription, Latisse, which is a medical product approved by the FDA. Studies show that it works in most cases unless you are sensitive to its ingredients. It can sting mildly or cause the pupil to turn brown. But you get long, thick, dark lashes for your trouble.

It is cheaper and easier to use Vaseline and since it is a ubiquitous panacea for almost everything, it somehow got the reputation for growing lashes. People will believe anything. This is a trusted jelly for a century, but at best it soothes skin roughness and rashes. What do you expect from an other-the-counter item that is really just fossil fuel. It is wasteful to lather it on and keep hoping for results. You do what you have always been told. We would do better as a nation to limit its manufacture to save precious energy.

Okay, you caught me. I do use it to lubricate the dry area at the side of my nose. It is really good for that. It does help heal dry, cracked lips as well. So, I buy the tiniest size on the shelf. I don’t feel as guilty as I should. I just wanted to warn you of the myths surrounding this respected product. You should know the truth, especially about eyelashes. You will make them gummy and greasy and no doubt this will attract dust and the minute debris that is in the air. Using Vaseline is thus counterproductive. I am not going to picket the factory or ask you to sign a petition as the product isn’t harmful at all. It just doesn’t do the magic you think it will on your lashes. You are better off getting a prescription for Latisse as I mentioned. If you care that much about the length of your lashes, the cost should not deter you. The world is obsessed with beauty and appearances, so I understand your need to try something. The eyes, after all, are the windows to the soul. They are the focal point of the face and lashes make them stand out.